1. Application for the allotment of land to the Government Department/Corporation/Boards etc. on Land Lease/Limited Lease (FORM-1)
  2. Application for Periodic Patta (Periodic Patta Dilna) (FORM-2)
  3. Application for allotment of land for House Site (FORM-2A)
  4. Application for allotment of land for Shop/Stall (FORM-2B)
  5. No Objection Certificate from the neighbouring land holder(s) (FORM-3)
  6. Certificate of Acceptance (FORM-4)
  7. Application for submission or proposal before Mizoram Public Investment Board (MPIB) in Revenue Department, Government of Mizoram (FORM-5)
  8. No Objection Certificate (FORM-6)
  9. Non-Encumbrance Certificate (FORM-6A)
  10. Certificate of Land Valuation (FORM-6B)
  11. Application for Residential Land Settlement Certificate Inhmun/Land Settlement Certificate tura dilna (FORM-7)
  12. Application for diversion of use of land (FORM-8)
  13. Inspection report of land left uncultivated (FORM-9)
  14. Notice of Relinquishment (FORM-10)
  15. Application for Transfer of Ownership of Land Holding (FORM-11)
  16. Application for Partition of LSC (FORM-12)
  17. Application for transfer of ownership of apartment (FORM-13)
  18. Assessment list of Land Revenue and Taxes etc. (FORM-14)
  19. Publication of final list of assessment (FORM-15)
  20. Objection against assessment (FORM-16)
  21. Notice of demand (FORM-17)
  22. Notice of sale (FORM-18)
  23. Certificate of purchase (FORM-19)
  24. Memorandum of appeal (FORM-20)
  25. Memorandum of appeal (Appeal to the Director of Land Revenue & Settlement/ Commissioner of Revenue) (FORM-21)
  26. Record of Rights (FORM-22)
  27. Records of Transfer/Mutation (FORM-23)