1. Governing Body of DILRMP:

  1. Secretary, IT Department - Ex-officio Member.
  2. Secretary, Urban Development Deptt - Ex-officio Member.
  3. Secretary, Law Department - Ex-officio Member.
  4. Secretary, Finance Department - Ex-officio Member.
  5. Secretary, Planning Department - Ex-officio Member.
  6. State Informatics Officer, NIC - Ex-officio Member.

2. As per guidelines of MoRD, Dept of LR Project Management Unit (PMU) Society was established on 7 March 2011.

Under DILRMP Project, office of the PMU Society consists of:

  1. Principal Secretary / Secretary Revenue Deptt - Ex-officio Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Commissioner, Survey & Settlement / Director, Land Records - Ex-officio Member.
  3. NLRMP Coordinator of NIC in the State / UT - Ex-officio Member.
  4. GIS Consultant and Survey Consultant.
  5. Programmers (2 Nos.)

3.  Supporting staff consists of:

  1. Accountant (1 no.)
  2. Assistant (1 no.)
  3. Data Entry Operator (1 no.)
  4. Peon (1 No.)

 2010-2017 (Seven Years Project)

Total Cost of the Project : Rs. 5176.59 lakhs
Pattern of funding : 90 % Central Assistance

1.1 Land is the most valuable economic, social and environmental resource of the state of Mizoram. Proper management of the land and the land reforms programme of the State calls for a sound system of Cadastral Survey for the purpose of allotment of land, recording land boundaries, areas, titles, rights, transactions and assessment of land revenue. The lands could not be properly managed and developed without an adequate cadastral system, i.e., a system of measurement and recording of boundaries of land parcels and the registration of all legal rights related to each parcel. In non-industrial State like Mizoram land revenue and other property tax on the lands and building constitutes an important source of revenue for the State.

1.2 Jhumming or Shifting cultivation is the dominant pattern of cultivation in Mizoram as 80% of the population are living in the rural areas. The State Government has launched the programmes for the control of jhumming and the agricultural lands are being allotted to the farmers for taking up permanent type of cultivation. The Summary Survey and Record Operation had been taken up since 1999-2000 for temporary allotment of land and for the preparation of preliminary village land records and the area covering 1503.51 Sq.Km for plot 58789 Nos. was surveyed under the Scheme.

1.3 Government of Mizoram had appointed Shri K. Krishnan Kutty as Consultant (Formerly Director of Survey and Land Records, Kerala) to prepare Master Plan on Survey, Settlement and Preparation of Land Records of Mizoram vide Govt. of India, Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Land Resources. No. 18013/3/87-LRD dt. 5-9-1990 and the Master Plan had been approved by Cabinet Meeting held on 7-5-1991 2:00 p.m. vide Memo. No. J-11012/2/91-POL Dt. 10/5/1991. The Master Plan was again verified by Brig. K.G. Behl, Deputy Surveyor General of India in 1993 on behalf of Govt. of India. This project proposal for Survey, Settlement and Preparation of Land Records is, therefore, prepared in the line with approved Master Plan.

1.4 As recommendation made by APPU Committee on Revitalization of Land Revenue Administration relating to the North Eastern States (vide No. 4.13) necessary steps have been taken for the enactment of comprehensive land law and other land related matters. The Mizoram Land Survey and Settlement Act, 2003 is therefore legislated to conduct Cadastral Survey and Record Operation and also for Settlement of land revenue. It is therefore an urgent need to conduct original survey, settlement and preparation and Computerization/ Digitization of Cadastral maps/ land records of villages by adopting scientific method of survey by using the latest survey & drawing equipments and computer to speed up and render more efficiency in generation of cadastral maps and land related datas for permanent Land Records.

Mizoram is divided into 8 Nos. of District, viz. Aizawl, Lunglei, Champhai, Mamit, Kolasib, Serchhip, Saiha & Lawngtlai. Under 6th Schedule to the Constitution of India- there are 3 Nos. of Autonomous District Councils, viz. Mara, Lai and Chakma. The Autonomous District Councils are having an independent autonomy where the State Government does not interfere on matter relating to land and land revenue administration.

Sl. NoName of DistrictName of Hqrs.Area in Sq.kmSl. No.

Name of Auto. DC

Name of Hqrs.Area in Sq.km




G. TOTAL21087.00

Government of Mizoram has decided to take Lunglei as the Pilot district for implementation of DILRMP. The state Government of Mizoram based on the activities as mentioned in the project plan requires assistance from central government for the implementation of the project. Below given are the reasons for choosing Lunglei as the Pilot district for the project.

Lunglei district is the largest district in Mizoram
Cadastral survey of Lunglei town is being taken
Lunglei district is having the best potential areas for Agriculture & Horticulture development
Lunglei is the second highest of populated district after Aizawl
Digitization of cadastral map is also taken up.

Record of rights has the text component and the map component. It is required to computerise all the text data of Lunglei District. Updating of textual data is also required based on the solved mutation cases. The existing gap needs to be plugged in this regard by means of conducting data entry work under close supervision while ensuring that an automatic system is in place to monitor the updates.

It is imperative to digitize both the existing and cadastral maps that will be prepared at a later stage ensuring safe archival of the original maps in softcopies and also easy retrieval of spatial data on demand. Preservation of original maps is must as the same will be used for future reference.

Lunglei is one of the major districts of Mizoram having area f 4,538 Sq.Km. Taking in to consideration the geographical area and other constraints the feasible method for survey and preparation of Land Records is "Hybrid Technology combine with satellite imagery of high resolution color geo-product data and Conventional Method" by using modern survey and drawing equipments etc. The cadastral mapping are executed for the purpose of systematically recording land rights, producing registers of land-holdings or an inventory of land areas, land uses and classifications or of determining land revenue/ tax assessment from the lands and buildings. The size, shape and nature of the terrain of individual or collective land holdings or tenant holdings have to be accurately measured. These are required in connection with the appraisal of the land values, which in turn is necessary for the conveyance or transfer or sale or lease or mortgage of the land for obtaining loans from financial institutions or banks by the land owners and for other development projects. An integrated map can be prepared taking the topographical data with cadastral information. Latest information can be received from Satellite Imagery of high resolution for updating the maps. There is now a drastic change in Technical Environment, i.e. maps preparation as well as production which is being carried out through computer systems.

Digital India Land Record Modernization Programme (DILRMP)

Mizoram is a late entrant/late starter in NLRMP. It failed to take off in early part of the 11th Five Year Plan due to funds crunch for meeting the 50% State share (50:50 funding).

With changes in funding pattern for NE States (90:10) Govt. of Mizoram submitted proposal for project size of Rs. 5176.59 lakhs to cover the whole state.

Highlight of the project-proposal

Year  Districts to be covered 

LUNGLEI DISTRICT - Project size: 947.36 lakhs

DIRECTORATE - Data collection and entry, capacity building, programme mngt: 347.12 lakhs

2011-12AIZAWL DISTRICT - Project size: 919.58 lakhs
2012-13CHAMPHAI DISTRICT - Project size: 624.36 lakhs
2013-14SERCHHIP DISTRICT - Project size: 359.55 lakhs
2014-15KOLASIB DISTRICT - Project size: 353.36 lakhs
2015-16MAMIT DISTRICT - Project size: 644.98 lakhs
2016-17LAWNGTLAI & SAIHA DISTRICTS - Project size: 980.28 lakhs

As per guidelines of MoRD, Dept of LR Project Management Unit (PMU) Society was established on 7 March 2011.

Under the project as of February, 2011 Ten (10) survey party started land survey using GPS and Total Station.

Plan to cover all the districts within seven years (2010 to 2017)

Sl. No.Year

No. of
district to be
taken up
during the year

Name of the


  1. DILRMP started in Mizoram with reconnaisance survey in Lunglei District on 1st October, 2011. Survey equipments also procured.
  2. The Implementation of the DILRMP was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister Revenue Deptt. Mizoram on 20th December, 2011.
  3. PMU Society registered under Mizoram Societies Registration Act, 2009 on 7th March, 2011.
  4. Separate Bank A/c opened in SBI for DILRMP Fund and PMU Fund.
  5. Survey and re-survey is done with GPS and ETS: Lunglei, Serchhip, Aizawl and Champhai Districts. Total number of town surveyed – 171.
  6. World view II imagery is used for Districts of Serchhip, Champhai and Aizawl. This will be continued for future survey / re-surveys.
  7. Control Point –
    1. Main Station on top of Directorate of LR&S, Aizawl with reference to 3 International GNSS Service stations.
    2. Primary Points at District Hqrs.
    3. Secondary Points at every village/ town.
    4. Tertiary Points at popular land marks for convenience of detailed survey.
  8. After visiting W. Bengal and Tripura, an online integrated computerised system for land record management is being developed.
  9. Online management of Land record computerisation has commenced online since August, 2015 only for textual data at landrecords.mizoram.gov.in
  10. Bhunaksha software will be used for handling the spatial data, and will be integrated on the integrated system.
  11. PMU Society account is registered under PFMS on 2013 and the account was approved on 28February 2017.