As per Government of Mizoram (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1987- Para XVIII the Land Revenue & Settlement Department will take up the works relating to the implementation of the following items as :-

                                        ( XVIII.   LAND REVENUE & SETTLEMENT )

      1.  Land Revenue

      2.  Land Settlement

      3.  Land Records

      4.  Land Reforms

      5.  Compensation on account of damage of crops/ private properties by Security Forces.

      6.  Boundary between Mizoram and neighbouring State and map connected therewith.

      7.  Administration of the following :-

i) Mizo District (Land and Revenue) Act, 1956

ii) Mizo District (Agriculture Land) Act, 1963

iii) Mizo District (Transfer of Land) Act, 1963

iv) Lushai Hills District (House Site) Act, 1953 ( in urban areas)

v) Lushai Hills District (Taxes) Regulation, 1953

vi) The Mizoram Roadsite Land Control Act, 1976 (Vide Notification No. A. 46011/1/94-GAD/Loose Dt 14/6/95)

vii) The Mizoram Roadside Land Control Rules, 1979

viii) The Mizoram (Taxes on Land, Building and Assessment of Revenue) Act, 2004

ix) The Mizoram (Taxes on Land Building and Assessment of Revenue)Rules, 2005

x) The Mizoram (Public Demand Recovery) Act, 2001

xi) The Mizoram (Public Demand Recovery) Rules, 2004

xii) The Mizoram (Land holding and Settlement) Act, 2000

xiii) The Mizoram (Land Survey and Settlement Operation) Act, 2003

xiv) The Mizoram (Prevention of Government Land Encroachment) Act, 2001