1.   Mizoram is Non-land record State in terms of Land Record Management. The Land Revenue and Settlement embarked on planned economics development and ambitious development programmes were drawn up for efficient land and land revenue administration which calls for supreme need to create accurate land records with regular updating of such land records. Significant developments have taken place since Mizoram attained statehood in 1987 in the implementation of Land Reforms Programme and Land Revenue Administration. The absence of correct and up-to-date land records of villages and towns has injured the interest of numerous land owners, the bulk of whom are  led to unavoidable land disputes and thwarted the implementation of Land Reform Programmes.
    In view to cope with the needs of the citizens to confer with ownership rights to their lands and to prepare accurate land records the Land Revenue & Settlement Department has conducted Survey, Settlement and Preparation of land records operation in two methods, i.e. Piecemeal and Village wise/ area wise operation at various pockets in Mizoram.
2.   Piecemeal Survey
    Under this scheme a citizen has to submit an application for allotment of land or settlement of land or settlement of disputes etc. The work programme are therefore chalked out depending availability of applications received from the citizens. The Piecemeal Survey has no any specific area but as per demands of applicant for various pockets in Mizoram. This piecemeal survey is contemplated to meet the immediate needs of the citizens. Under Piecemeal Survey Prismatic Compass and Measuring Tape are mainly used for Field Survey Works.
3.   Cadastral Survey Operation
3.1 This is original survey and settlement operation consisting of three important stages, viz;
      (i)    Preparation of village map and land parcel map;
      (ii)    Preparation of record-of-rights;
      (iii)    Assessment of land revenue
3.2  It is necessary to maintain the following essential land records as :-
      (i)    An updated village map
    (ii)   A field book giving up-to-date information regarding every land parcel showing its survey plot number, area, classification of the land, name of the owner, name of the tenant in some areas only and annual land revenue payable;
     (iii)   A register of land holders showing the type of rights, plot numbers, area of each plot, its boundaries, classification of the land, name of the tenant, in some areas only and annul land revenue payable;
   Under Cadastral Survey Operation notified towns areas and Wet Rice Cultivation areas of rural areas are given priority.

4.    Aerial Cadastral Survey and Satellite Imagery
      Aerial Cadastral Survey was taken up with technical assistant of Survey of India. The following districts are taken up for production of large scale map of villages at the scale of 1:2000, viz, Aizawl, Mamit, Serchhip & Kolasib Districts. Aerial  Photographs are processed for production of Large Scale line maps.
5.    New Programme
      It is proposed to take up Champhai District as Pilot Project under Land Resources Management Programme during 2007-2008. The work will involves as :-
 (a)    Integration and harmonization of three layers of datas on a GIS platform :-
         (i) Spatial data from Satellite Imagery or Aerial Photography;
         (ii) Topomap published by Survey of India;
         (iii) Revenue records, viz Cadastral maps and RoR details.
 (b)   All cadastral maps will be digitised- analogue data of map raster will be vectorised and mosaiced in a digital format.
 (c)   Administrative unit boundaries from village level upwards, forest, water bodies, other physical attributes, and land use details will be overlaid on the GIS mapping.
 (d)   Other layers, e.g. watersheds, road networks, etc. will be added to the core GIS.
 (e)   Revenue, survey and registration may be integrated
                    - technology mediated functional integration
                    - also administrative reorganization and integration of land resource management functions.