The activities of Land Revenue & Settlement Department may be broadly classified under three
heads as :-

(i)    Activities under Non-Plan
(ii)   Activities under Plan Schemes
(iii)  Activities under Centrally Sponsored Scheme/ NEC Schemes

1.  Activities under Non-Plan
(i) The citizens submitted application for allotment of land or settlement of land or settlement disputes. The surveyors conducted verification/ demarcation/ survey & settlement of such application.
(ii) Senior Surveyor or Team of Officers cross-check the survey reports as mentioned at Sl. No. (i) above.
(iii) Preparation of Record-of-Rights or Land Records at office base on Field Reports.
(iv) Issue of certificates to citizens
(v) Assessment and  collection of Land Revenue/ Taxes.

2. Activities under Plan Scheme
     (i) Conduct Cadastral Survey Operation of Agricultural lands of rural areas and Non-Agricultural lands   especially, town lands.
     (ii)  Conduct Aerial Cadastral Survey of Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Lands (Ground Survey)
     (iii) Conduct Summary Survey of Agricultural land (Non-Instrumental process)
     (iv) House Site Planning
     (v) Cater and improve human resources development in the field of  surveying, mapping, settlement and preparation of Land Records and Land Information System.
     (vi) Construction of Office accommodation and Staff Quarters.
     (vii) Augmentation of the Land and Land Revenue Administration by modernisation of instruments/ furniture/ fixtures.

3.  Activities under Centrally Sponsored Scheme/ NEC funded Scheme
     (a) Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Strengthening of Revenue Administration and Updating of Land Records (SRA & ULR) at 50:50 sharing basis.
     (b) Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Computerisation of Land Records at 100 % Central assistant.
     (c) Computerisation / Digitisation of Cadastral Maps at 90% assistant from N.E.C.