1. Verification, Survey and demarcation of land parcels;
2. Allotment of land for agricultural an non-agricultural purposes;
3. Settlement of land and land revenue;
4. Preparation of Record-of-Rights and Land Records;
5. Maintenanceof Land records;
6. Assessment and collection of Land Revenue/ Taxes/ Fees/ Charges etc.;
7. Transfer and alienation of land;
8. Survey, classification, valuation & fixation of rate land for revenue purposes;
9. Matters relating to Inter-State boundary;
10. Declaration of notified areas or towns for the purpose revenue administration;
11. Requisition and acquisition of lands for public purposes;
12. Prevention of encroachment of public roads and public lands;
13. Mortgage of land for obtaining loans from Financial Institutions;
14. To render services to various Government Departments, Company, Corporation, Society, Banks, Churches, NGO’s and individuals relating to land matters as well as Survey and Drawings to meet their requirements;
15. To take up any assignment referred to the Department by Government of India or State Government from time to time;


1. To fulfil the responsibility as custodian of all lands in Mizoram;
2. To allot Government lands for residential and agricultural etc., purpose to the citizens of Mizoram;
3. To confer ownership rights to land holders;
4. To protect the rights of citizens on or in the land as well as Government lands;
5. To survey & settle all land holdings and prepare accurate land records;
6. To provide better services to the citizens by application of Computer to the Land records and Land Administration;
7. To generate reliable Land Information System of Mizoram;
8. To make Land Revenue & Settlement Department to be major revenue earning agency of the State;
9. Protection of tribals from alienation of lands;
10. To allot and settle lands for rural poor/ urban poor to meet their minimum land requirements;
11. To implement the Land Reforms Programme of the State of Mizoram.


# Computerized copies of Records of Rights (RoRs) with maps-to-scale and print out in colour Certificate

# Land-based certificates (domicile, caste, income, etc.)

# Information on eligibility for Government programmes

# Land Passbooks with relevant land info.

# Facility for easy access to land-based credit for agriculture, rural development, livelihood and other programmes

# Points of Service (PoS), e.g. kiosks, common service centre, etc