It is not given or gotten as a gift;
It is not acquired by privilege or political contracts;
It is not bought with gold or held by force
It is made with the sweat of the brow,
It is the historic creation

And the collective enterprise of the people,
The fruit of its labor,
Bodily, Spiritual and Moral
Over a span of generations.

Mizoram is Non-land record State in terms of Land Record Management. The Land Revenue and Settlement embarked on planned economics development and ambitious development programmes were drawn up for efficient land and land revenue administration which calls for supreme need to create accurate land records with regular updating of such land records. Significant developments have taken place since Mizoram attained statehood in 1987 in the implementation of Land Reforms Programme and Land Revenue Administration. The absence of correct and up-to-date land records of villages and towns has injured the interest of numerous land owners, the bulk of whom are led to unavoidable land disputes and thwarted the implementation of Land Reform Programmes.

In view to cope with the needs of the citizens to confer with ownership rights to their lands and to prepare accurate land records the Land Revenue & Settlement Department has conducted Survey, Settlement and Preparation of land records operation in two methods, i.e. Piecemeal and Village wise/ area wise operation at various pockets in Mizoram.

Land Revenue & Settlement Department has proposed to establish Survey Training Institute at Hualngohmun to meet the needs of the Department as well as the youths in the field of surveying, conventional and Digital Cartography, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, Cadastral Survey, GIS and Land Information System.

From 5 June, 2012 to 4th June, 2013 Pre-service and in-service surveyors were now train Modern Survey Technology, Dual Frequency GPS & Total Station, Geo-Refencing and Mapping project etc. at the Mizoram Survey Training Institute, Directorate building, Aizawl. On date 4 June, 2013 number of 41 Surveyors trainee had completed their training course successfully. Closing function of training course was conducted by the Department at GIS & Training room, Directorate of Land Revenue & Settlement, Aizawl.

Data Entry Works for Pilot Project on fully Computerisation of Land Records of Serchhip District is started since July, 2007. All land holders within Serchhip District are therefore requested to reported to ASO-II, Serchhip to enter their landed properties to the Computer.

Land Settlement Certificate & Land Lease pass certificate are issued to the land holder in colour form and pasted passport size photo in the certificate.